Welcome to PackedPretty! We’re not just a garage decluttering service; we’re a team committed to helping you simplify your life.


We believe that everyone deserves a clean, organized space that supports their lifestyle and wellbeing.

Located on Martha’s Vineyard, PackedPretty was born out of a passion for organization and a deep understanding of the stress that clutter can cause.


At PackedPretty, we specialize in garage decluttering services, providing efficient and effective solutions to bring order to your chaos. We understand that your garage is not just a place to store things; it’s an extension of your home and deserves the same care and attention.


Our team of professional organizers is skilled at turning cluttered spaces into functional ones. We know that every item in your garage has a story, so we take the time to understand your needs and create customized organizing systems that work for you.


Our mission is to simplify your life. We do this by handling all of your garage organization needs, freeing you from the burden of clutter. With PackedPretty, you get more than a service; you get peace of mind, knowing your space is in expert hands.

Let PackedPretty help you reclaim your garage and restore balance in your life. Trust us with your garage, and we promise to transform it into a space that is not just tidy but also aesthetically pleasing.


Welcome to a simpler life with PackedPretty. Here’s to less clutter and more peace of mind. Connect with us today and take the first step towards a beautifully organized garage.

We’re PackedPretty – your solution for a decluttered life on Martha’s Vineyard. We look forward to simplifying your life, one garage at a time.